About Us

CAHAM is an organization comprised of Admitting Managers, Admitting and Registration Staff and Directors of Admitting and Patient Financial Services who wish to further their education through seminars, workshops, networking and conferences. One of the best ways to keep your Admitting, Registration and Financial Services staff abreast of contemporary operational flows and organizational models is to encourage membership in CAHAM.
Admitting and Registration Departments are extremely crucial in hospital operations, playing a key role in the financial health of the organization. Successful management of these departments no longer means just the pursuit of delay-free registrations. Efficient running of Admissions and Registrations Departments will help you protect your receivable assets and customer bases.
CAHAM's mission is to promote professionalism in the field of Healthcare Admissions and Registrations Management and for directors of Admitting and Patient Financial Services through education, to provide an information network system and to be a peer support organization. With the endorsement of associations such as HFMA and CHA, CAHAM has served as a model for all other states and national groups.

CAHAM's Board of Directors:

President: Terry Closson
Vice President: AC James
Treasurer: Lynn Otani
Secretary: Lena Watts

Membership Support/Questions: Lena.Watts@kp.org

CAHAM Email: caham.org@gmail.com